Terms and conditions

For our full terms and conditions, please email info@chargeworks.co.uk.


ChargeWorks seeks to provide impartial and independent advice for anyone to switch their vehicles and electricity supplies to more sustainable and affordable options.

There are no suppliers or manufacturers that ChargeWorks will not consider, unless you tell us otherwise.

From time to time, we become aware of good and bad practices relating to resource management, ethics and human rights issues amongst suppliers. We will highlight some differences between suppliers in case you want to take these into consideration.

If ChargeWorks, its partners or its wider team can benefit from a referral payment or other benefit for referring their services to you, we will declare this, and it will have no bearing on our recommendations to you.

We reserve the right to withdraw our services from any individual or organisation we consider to be acting unethically, and will not partake in any attempts to greenwash.

Financial advice

ChargeWorks’s consultations, webinars, reports or reviews and any follow up emailed documents or phone calls will be provided for information only and do not constitute, and should not be construed as, financial advice or a recommendation to buy, sell, or otherwise transact in any investment, lease or purchase including any products or services or an invitation, offer or solicitation to engage in any financial activity. The information provided by the ChargeWorks will be provided solely on the basis that you will make your own financial decisions and we do not take account of your financial objectives, particular needs, or financial situation. In addition, nothing in our information shall, or is intended to, constitute financial, legal, accounting or tax advice. ChargeWorks strongly recommends that you seek professional financial advice before making any financial decision. Any financial decision that you make should be based on an assessment of your risks in consultation with your financial advisor.