Our contracts are for 12 months and we bill monthly. See more details on our pricing page.

Please refer to our consultation topic page for more details. 

We aim to save you at least the cost of your consultation. If a particular solution appears to be unfavourable in your specific scenario, we will let you know so that you can avoid spending money unnecessarily.

We meet your employees online. 

We provide a user-friendly online booking portal for employees to easily schedule and join consultations with automated calendar integration and reminders for a hassle-free experience.

We use Google Meet but can integrate with your preferred meeting platform should this not be suitable for your organisation for whatever reason. 

We do not accept kickbacks and make no money from referring your employees to one solution over another. We give our advice based on our knowledge and expertise in the employee’s best interest. 

If the best course of action is to do nothing we will say so. The circumstances of your employees lead our consultations.

No. We do not sell other products or services through this benefit and gain nothing financially from our recommendations.

We don’t currently operate outside the UK but would love to discuss this further with you. Offering this outside of the UK is on our roadmap, so if you have some particular target countries, please let us know so that we can work towards meeting your requirements, and provide some timeline estimates.

Yes. Please introduce us to your broker, or provide us with their contact details. We are open to streamlining the process for you and offering our benefit through your usual broker or benefits platform.

Our benefit has been designed from the ground up with your employees’ privacy, confidentiality and data protection in mind. No personal data is shared outside ChargeWorks, and we only share information within our team on a need-to-know basis. We ensure that our data sub-processors are working to at least the same standards as us.