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Employees receive detailed summary documents after each session and can request further support.

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How it works

How it works 2
Consultations take place online 1-2-1 with one of our energy experts

We first help employees choose the right consultation topic for free via webinars, email or a quick video call.

Employees access our user-friendly online booking portal to easily schedule and join consultations with automated reminders for a hassle-free experience. They’ll discuss their topic of choice for an hour with one of our friendly experts. They can choose to stay in touch with their consultant at no further cost for up to a month.

We review and recommend the most effective solutions for their situation.

Using our powerful tools and industry insights we provide a clear plan of action. By sharing our in-depth knowledge and expertise, we save valuable time and empower them to make well-informed decisions about energy and transportation.

Our impartiality allows us to suggest not to go ahead with a particular technology or solution if it is unsuitable.

Employees receive detailed summary documents after each session and can request further support.

Why choose 1-2-1 energy consultations?

Why us
Impartial, bespoke and delivered by experts

When exploring new technology investments, organisations rely on expert consultants for impartial guidance.

This level of expertise has been out of reach for individual consumers… until now.

Our 1-2-1 consultations now offer employees, individuals and householders the same high-calibre skills and knowledge that organisations value.

Provide a unique employee benefit that makes a real difference to help you retain and attract talent.  

Based on 21 reviews
Paul Saunders
Really excellent service from Tom and the team at Chargeworks. Lots of insight into solar and battery. Helped me avoid solar panels made using forced labour. Reviewed several quotes and helped me save a considerable amount of money.
sukhraj sanghera
I found Tom for ChargeWorks knowledgeable and helpful in his advice and guidance when purchasing a solar system. I would definitely recommend ChargeWorks.
Nathan Brown
Brilliant in-depth consultation from Tom at Chargeworks, my house has some unusual features and needs but the report was comprehensive and had mitigating strategies for all the issues. I wouldn’t hesitate in going back to them for my future energy needs.
Raviprakash D
Tom was very friendly and helpful. I would strongly recommend to talk to ChargeWorks before exploring the Solar Panel for your home. You will come to know a lot (small nitty gritty things you may not think about) about the Solar and you will know all the questions that you would need to ask the installerto safeguard your investment and also to maximise the return of investment.
Neal Courtney
Our solar installer went into liquidation and Chargeworks were very helpful with the last parts of the whole implementation process which would have been very difficult otherwise to complete. I have referred them to other customers who were similarly affected.
Susannah Wilson
Superb! I highly recommend carrying out this kind of independent consultation before approaching installers direct for solar panels, etc. It was hugely informative and well worth it.
Ingrid Stevens
The Chargeworks team has helped me several times making better choices. They are very knowledgeable and professional. Tom's advices in getting solar panels and switching utility provider was very valuable and Emma helped me understand the criteria to look for when choosing an electric car. I definitely recommend!
Rob Jordan
This is a brilliant service. Able to give such clear advice to us on what questions to ask when buying a house with existing solar panels, and what value to place on those solar panels.
Fiona de Kerckhove
Over the last few years, ChargeWorks has provided me with valuable insight in relation to how to manage and improve energy efficiency in my home. Their technical knowledge is extensive and really helped me to make informed decisions. For example, I switched energy providers, based on their balanced view of which ones were cost-effective and aligned with my values.
Rachel Stancliffe
Absolutely first class advice in a very clear, practical format. Different options explained and presented. Years of expertise and a deep knowledge of all parts of the industry goes into every consultation. Thank you!