The EV we start from

The EV we start from

Last night I watched the new film ‘The End We Start From’ with Jodie Comer. It portrays what we have coming our way if we don’t take urgent action.

We have the solutions we just need to implement them! Yet again Octopus energy has stepped up. This time with a groundbreaking Vehicle to Grid (V2G) tariff.

In return for allowing Octopus to use the battery in your Electric Vehicle, they are offering free charging for up to 13,000 miles pa. With an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) car, this might cost in the region of £2,000 (based on 16p per mile). Show me a fossil fuel company that will give you free mileage for your Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) car?!

While the audience for this tariff is limited due to compatibility limitations, I really hope this will stimulate demand and encourage the car manufacturers to offer bidirectional charging/vehicle to grid on their EVs. In some cases, it is just a software update. Plus, several charger manufacturers are expected to launch bidirectional chargers in the near future.

The electrical storage capacity of all the batteries in EVs is huge. If we can use them to store power generated from renewables for use at peak times it would make a massive difference. One essential element in that solution is an electricity tariff that rewards consumers for making their EV batteries available in this way. This is why the move from Octopus is so positive.

Many thanks and congratulations to the Octopus Team that made this happen.