The buzz of a small bizz

The buzz of a small bizz

The buzz of a small bizz

I am often asked what are my priorities when I start a new business. ChargeWorks is my third start-up, and my appetite is undiminished. As the Non-Executive Chair, the skill of the heavy lifting work is left to my full-time colleagues. Their up-to-date knowledge and ability to be relevant whether discussing solar panels for a warehouse roof or a private house, electric vehicles for a household or for a Fleet Manager never fails to impress me.

More recently, we have added an innovative employee benefits offer to our services. This works in the same way as when a company offers something like private healthcare to their employees. Except we offer a bespoke and impartial 1-2-1 energy consultation allowing employees to access expert and independent advice on 6 topics including solar PV, electric vehicles or heat pumps for their homes. As we grow, we expect to add many more topics, so watch this space.   

As the engine driver at ChargeWorks, (but hopefully not the Fat Controller!) I pull the levers and find myself keeping the team focused on:

  1. The big picture, not getting distracted with minutiae.
  2. Focussing on being corporately relevant. 
  3. Focussing on where our next order is coming from.

In a small business, like ChargeWorks, it is very easy to get distracted on non-core issues, especially when working with perfectionists, which I am not. My previous roles have been in FMCG involving disposable nappies and washing up liquid. My start-ups include the worlds of events and temporary warehouses. I have moved from being a road warrior covering the industrial estates of the UK to working largely on screen with a team who are at the forefront of solar, electric vehicles and employee benefits in the renewable sector.  I keep pinching myself to think how fortunate I am in being involved with a business that can be fun as well at times full of blood sweat and tears.

I don’t know if you often find yourself reading an article where the opinion is completely aligned with your own opinions and values. In my case, I had this experience when James Timpson the Managing Director of Timpson wrote an article in The Sunday Times.  Timpson diversified from shoe repair and key cutting to dry cleaning, watch repair and much much more.  He talks about being a very benevolent and passionate capitalist.  Subconsciously I find myself with this mindset working with ChargeWorks.

What is the same, I find in any small business, is deciding how to spend the next 5 minutes.  Is it, developing the business strategy, nurturing employees, or getting the next order?  I find the last one usually gets to the top of my to-do list! 

So, if you’re interested in what we do, reach out to me or the team and we would be pleased to help you and your staff reduce the cost of doing business, the cost of living and carbon.

Mark Hutchison